{five things}

{idea shamelessly stolen from the lovely paperjane}

the rapturous and enchanting and the mundane and routine summed up just the same with five points


tuesday, august 27: moccasins on my doorstep, pages and pages of packing lists, honey mustard on my salad, knitting needles, long-awaited reunion
wednesday, august 28: olive trees, parking lot goodbye, sweat drops, the best advice, one last carton of almond milk
thursday, august 29: mismatched clothes, bottles in a row, stress-induced baking, oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt, turtle keychain just what i needed
friday, august 30: details etched in memory, choosing for the truth, new sweatshirt fluff, random movies, hair too short to pose a threat
saturday, august 31: waking to croissant aroma, airport cafe, introductions, growing excitement, rosemary flatbread

sunday, september 1: bells, stairs, naming to bless, run around the town, tiramisu
monday, september 2: burpees in the courtyard, matching shorts, snapshots of adventures to come, prosciutto and melon, homemade cappuccinos and the first foray into the gelato madness
tuesday, september 3: common favorites, pastry break, first spaghetti, charcoal smudges, live accordion music in a piazza tucked away
wednesday, september 4: orvieto sunrise, blind silhouettes, olive oil on everything, capital letters, stereotypes
thursday, september 5: farmer’s market, city textures, fish gelato, blurring images, soup for dinner
friday, september 6: long sleeps, unaligned perspectives, screechy vocals, bakery excursions, white wine spritzer with dinner
saturday, september 7: snap peas and rice cakes, the bus left without us, homework by the pool, hilltop sunset, birthday serenades
sunday, september 8: waking in the dark, joining in the song, soaking in the sunshine, reveling in the food (namely, eggplant and pizza sans cheese), agonizing in the studio
monday, september 9: the dreaded workout disappointed, rain the soundtrack of our studio work, tomato sauce by the forkful, cappuccino chats, first laundry day
tuesday september 10: lying in the grass, glass bottles and shadows, cleaning party, attack of the miniature drawing, bruschetta and potatoes
wednesday september 11: shared plums, critiques and compliments, italian war movies, first roommate cappuccino date, clean sheets and a stuffed backpack
thursday september 12: up before dawn, italian countryside, meals in the model house, crazy tall ceilings, noce gelato by the pantheon
friday september 13: churches all morning, caprese sandwiches on the spanish steps, frolic through the gardens, sunset at the colosseum and moonlight over trevi fountain, brown bread and pumpkin soup
saturday september 14: buried history, pizza shop madness, trek to the vatican, standing in the presence of greatness, rome in miniature
sunday september 15: free samples and extra cookies, rome in the rain, an afternoon in the studio, unexpected similarities, sunday worship in the sala
monday september 16: the world all shrouded, whole grain bread and almond butter, an unexpected alphabet, the squirrel that weeps, my tarzan still life finished
tuesday september 17: a peach in my corn flakes, carving stamps, favorite books, autumn in the air, extra tomatoes
monday september 23: gradients, latex gloves, plums on the sly, late september sun, pervasive peace
tuesday september 24: impromptu sunrise, the discovery of bran cereal, stamps all day erry day, disney singalongs, clean white bandage
wednesday september 25: morning mist, an idea approved, food breaks, silhouettes, the elusive fabric store
thursday september 26: not nearly enough sleep to function on, the reappearance of the golden tray of pastries, positives and negatives, Anna karenina in the kitchen, a sunset by myself
friday september 27: dirt-caked fingernails, cat in my lap, pasta with a view, pizza night, any excuse to make popcorn
saturday september 28: successful market run evidenced by a giant juicy peach consumed before i made it back, countryside ramblings and the accomplishment of nowhere, reading in a puddle of sunshine with a mug of iced coffee, sam’s improvised icebox cake, russell crowe’s unconvincing solo
sunday september 29: a morning to sleep in, coffee conversations about food, obviously; turrets and towers, the 300 horses that never materialized, rainy run
monday september 30: the world is going to explode i’m sure of it, i could kill a man with this index finger, the bell jar back on the shelf, plunging into poetry, soup for a rainy night

tuesday october 1: streets that smell like cinnamon rolls, class field trip to eavesdrop on tourists, salad for lunch, first exam all semester and it doesn’t even count, homework at sunset park
wednesday october 2: poetry workshops, beans and peppers, summer sun that won’t fade, the discovery of the supermarket, the top model party
thursday october 3: peaches and multigrain bread, the long awaited announcement, conversations over coffee, my secret place, the best dinner ever and a movie night to kick off the weekend
friday october 4: another item on the list, grapes like popping boba, quality over quantity, snacks on snacks on snacks, top model party
saturday october 5: waking up to pouring rain, pancakes on the hotplate, lost ground regained, solitary stairs, perfect night for tea
sunday october 6: long sleep, duomo market, caught in a thunderstorm, apple cobbler for dinner, chatting across the room
monday october 7: missed the run, led the discussion, drank six cups of tea, sat by the sculpture, talked for two hours
tuesday october 8: amanda’s introduction, the first time i liked chickpeas, finally skyped the devonshire, another supermarket expedition, salad donations
wednesday october 9: bran flakes for breakfast, feel most like myself but sound unlike myself, carrots and fennel, the terror that is trying to nap, first run in far too long
thursday october 10: anticipation of freedom, an unexpected sadness, gelato with whipped cream long awaited, British people all dressed up, pizza night a day early
friday october 11: the cool of autumn, potter’s sure hands, the lunchtime clamor, another pointless mopping job, 27 dresses
saturday october 12: it’s raining so I should sleep more, that circuit was death, eat all the tomatoes, sometimes I just get tired of people, my parents are the most wonderful in the whole world
sunday october 13: it’s 10:30 am, do you know where the world is? He is able, delayed lunch, cookies in the afternoon, zumba in the studio and worship in the sala
monday october 14: the rupe for the first time in a week and a half, whole grain pastry and a poetry reading, arrows I’m not sure I want to acknowledge yet, the best test, crunchy red apples
tuesday october 15: thought we weren’t running hills, the oatmeal club complete with cinnamon, time to revise, classes for the spring, mountains and hills and curlicues
wednesday october 16: birthday sausage and cinnamon rolls, lines that mean people, I GOT A LETTER FROM MY FAVORITEST BEKAH, an afternoon of memories, hot chocolate and whipped cream
thursday october 17: fog dissipating before late summer sun, the gelato exodus, so many options I need a chart, italian worship songs, puzzling into the early morning
friday october 18: an idea slowly forming, can’t stop yawning, olive grove worship, st. francis’ life in frescoes, una pizza senza formaggio
saturday october 19: blame it on the cloud, another song in another language, I’m secretly a sewing machine, scones with lemon curd, parental approval of my grown-up decisions
sunday october 20: supposedly filling my stair quota, train ride through the countryside, chocolate ALL DAY LONG, lost sheep found, a mad dash and a misadventure avoided
monday october 21: sleepy stares, a presentation complete with cinnamon rolls, and then it rained, popcorn party plans, avocados and pumpkins
tuesday october 22: smashed bananas, an unexpected visit, trip to the travel agency, it’s finals week and my computer’s dead
wednesday october 23: pomegranates and figs, resurrection, an answered prayer, wheat bran cookie dough, poem consultations
thursday october 24: not nearly as sleep-deprived this time around, lightning critiques, cheeseless pizza, present and future roommate date, the epic collaborative taco dinner
friday october 25: caught all the trains, ate all the sandwiches, tried all the pathways, shared all the struggles, laughed all day long
saturday october 26: illicit hiking activities, lunch in an olive tree, swimming in the mediterranean, focaccia by the ocean, kings in the corner
sunday october 27: the way is shut, sunning on the rocks, it’s a good thing we can’t get this in orvieto, assigned seats, celebratory cornflakes
monday october 28: no more sunrises, signorelli’s frescoes, the arm of the starfish, hanging out in rooms, pride and prejudice
tuesday october 29: deep and abiding love for cereal, scatterbrained lecture, time and place, the best conversations happen in the kitchen, new books
wednesday october 30: breakfast is my favorite, the grave matter of cake, francis and benedict, fantastic mr. fox is actually fantastic, encouraged eavesdropping
thursday october 31: movie genre preferences, sack lunch picnic by the drawbridge, a room full of parallels, lasagna without a massacre, apartment pictures

friday november 1: papermaking tutorial, an unexpected trip down memory lane, the scheme still survives, pumpkin bread for dessert, screams in the dark and bodies in the convent
saturday november 2: running backwards, maybe the best pasta ever, first essay all semester, no fire safety limitations, bekah withdrawals
sunday november 3: practicing the presence, listening even when i don’t want to hear, the bathroom flooded, an afternoon elsewhere, sunday leftovers
monday november 4: voices in my head, corn flakes in my stomach, test in italian class, reading in the studio, pasta in the evening (because polenta in the afternoon)
tuesday november 5: spanish and indian plans, disappointments and hopefulnesses, Jason Bourne cards, rosemary chickpeas in a cake tin, rooibos tea and onion earrings
wednesday november 6: company for the circuit, computer decommissioned, flashes of inspiration, patches of sunlight, awkward boy stories
thursday november 7: banana crepes, the cake’s a secret, shorts in november, stars over the city lights, our life is food and mimma’s is the best
friday november 8: not even maximum bus capacity, you can see so many cool things if you come back and pay for them, doxology with an echo, tricycling and rant sessions, watercolor florence
saturday november 9: church appointments, the italian version of fenueil hall, real sandwiches and a slanted apple, arezzo sunset, pride and prejudice and popcorn
sunday november 10: the longest hour ever, I have legs to run with, anything for salsa, skyping in a downpour, darjeeling in karen’s room
monday november 11: rainy day workout, thermals and hoodies, THE INAUGURAL CHAPTER MEETING FIRE, maybe the most delicious pasta ever, apologies for good grades
tuesday november 12: the whole rupe accidentally, my young adult fiction taking shape, an angsty playlist for my paper cutting session, pasta tutorials, my head so full of ideas
wednesday november 13: pictures and powerpoints, chicken for lunch, a good start on my writing project, poetry and popcorn, grammar soapbox
thursday november 14: market day, Alexis has synesthesia, spinach wraps and banana cookie dough, and then actual cookie dough and bread and basil and pasta, accidental popcorn and oh my gosh MOONRISE KINGDOM
friday november 15: no olives, just a hike to the rock; perfect day for chili, the best cleaning crew, friends with friends, hiding out in febo
saturday november 16: the rupe backwards, spicy pasta and potatoes, the new coop is a miniature mall and I’m going to die in American supermarkets, wine and gelato plans, tea with steamed milk and strawberry chocolate
sunday november 17: the dean of global education, the theory on gluten holds water, bagels all afternoon, just hanging out in the 1400s, my cousin got engaged!!
monday november 18: why yes i do love editing, the end in sight, french almond cookies can’t hold a candle to siena’s, the prospect of a single, fireside readings in the sala
tuesday november 19: feels like swaziland, an afternoon at febo, the short fiction completed and the costa rica pictures received, reenacting the Venice floods with the mop bucket, Wes Anderson’s short film
wednesday november 20: i like complete sentences and correct grammar, chips and guacamole and salad instead of sketchy meat, an afternoon of recipes i mean studying, last seen carrying a pineapple down the corso, mystery dough in the kitchen


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