just me

my name is emily. my parents picked it because they thought it was pretty and unique – too bad it turned out to be the most popular girls’ name in 1993.

i’m a senior english language and literature major attending college in massachusetts. i despise capital letters but grammar is my forte. i have a concentration in creative writing and a minor in spanish and am planning to graduate after the fall 2014 semester.

at the end of my sophomore year of college i went on a missions trip to swaziland. apparently one month out of the states wasn’t enough for this year because last fall i studied abroad in italy for four months.

i like to write, but i don’t do it as often as i should to be good or even great at it. therefore i often find it difficult and agonize over the simplest things, like personal journal entries.

i love to read, but if you ask me who my favorite author is i’ll likely stare at you blankly for several seconds before asking if i can tell you which authors i hate instead. i have a lot of favorites.

i’ve sort of incorporated the worlds created in the books i love into my own world, so there’s always a lot going on inside my head and i pull the randomest associations out of nowhere on a regular basis. usually i manage to keep them to myself, which is why there are still people who know me well but don’t think i’m completely insane. thus far.

the kitchen has been my favorite place since i was two years old and needed a chair to stand on to help my mom make cookies. cooking is my hobby and baking is my passion and it’s an awfully good thing i like to run/bike/lift weights just about as much as i like to taste test.

i might possibly like talking about movies more than i like watching them. but i do like watching them as long as i have something else to do simultaneously. the princess bride has my heart now and forever.

i’m an introvert. that’s probably pretty obvious at this point. i moonlighted as an extrovert for about a month last year and it’s taken me almost a full year to recover. lesson learned.

i like a lot of things in theory a lot more than i do in practice. like scarves. and skirts. pretty much cute clothes in general. headbands. and lots of other things that i can’t think of right now, of course.

the more comfortable i am around a person or people, the more sarcastic i tend to be. i consider it a fault, but various individuals have told me they enjoy it because it’s surprising. so i’m rather conflicted.

no matter the situation, i always prefer listening to talking. always.

i’m obsessed with a lot of things. dangly earrings, crochet toms, journals, white blank paper, mason jars, sunsets, cardigans, latte art, pumpkin, whipped cream, leather boots, knee-high socks, hole-in-the-wall cafes, handwritten letters, cinnamon popcorn, long snuggly sweaters, rainy days, and all breakfast foods. especially pancakes. and waffles and scones and cinnamon rolls and…yeah. all breakfast foods.

if i haven’t scared you away yet, i’d love it if you’d make yourself at home here. come in and warm yourself by the fire. i’ll make you a cup of tea {and a paleo cake in a bowl} if you’ll stay awhile.


4 thoughts on “just me

  1. I adore this.
    It’s perfect.
    You’re perfect.
    I’m obsessed with absolutely every single thing in your obsession list. Except crochet toms…I don’t have any of those. (They sound excellent, though.)
    Also not really skirts. Except the one I bought yesterday because it’s divine. When I get to England, I’ll wear it, and have someone take a picture of me wearing it on a cobblestone street. Then you can see why I’m obsessed with it.
    I also should show you all the dangly earrings I keep accidentally buying.
    OBJECTION: you are not only good and great at writing, you are spectacular.
    This blog theme is frickin SWEET. Faded images and all that.
    Okay I should probably stop commenting now.
    Last thing:
    “i moonlighted as an extrovert for about a month last year and it’s taken me almost a full year to recover. lesson learned.”

    • i don’t have any crochet toms either. but i have wanted them since the day i learned of their existence.
      skirts should really go on my things i love in theory list because i like buying them but i’m really quite mystified when it comes to figuring out how to wear them.
      i wrote this and then realized how similar it is in places to yours on a prison of oceans so it’s really you who’s spectacular because i’m perpetually trying to emulate you even when i’m not aware of it.

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