friday favorites edition 1

I miss making lists. So I’m starting a new thing.

Friday Favorites!

Every Friday I’m going to make a list of ten awesome things/people/events/surprises/foods/recipes/etc. that were especially relevant to the prior week. Sorta like an abbreviated, publicized gratitude journal. With pictures. And food. Obviously.

Fridays are already pretty great days. I only have two classes on Fridays this semester (and one next semester!), I usually have evening plans, and when I’m home there’s almost always pizza. Since I’ve been going to the 9 am team workout at CrossFit Five Plus on Saturday mornings, I’ve spent the night in the apartments of various Gordon friends throughout the semester and watched a lot of movies, participated in Marty’s runs and midnight birthday party celebrations, and enjoyed some crazy delicious cookies. Goose was on a Friday this year, and I went to Metamorphoses on a Friday, and friends have come over for dinner on Fridays, and I went out to dinner with my future apartmentmates on a Friday. Yeah, Fridays are good days.

I don’t have anything particularly awesome planned for today, but it’s the last Friday of regular classes (I’m going home in 15 days!!) and the sun decided to make an appearance for maybe the first time this whole week. It’s been a cold spring but the temperatures are finally on the rise and the world is turning happy and green again!

Really my whole list for today could be composed of signs of spring I’ve seen that make me happy because I am a California kid through and through and winter is NOT my jam. I am all about that summer life. And not having to sleep with socks on. I didn’t bring much springy clothing to school with me because I packed so many baking ingredients, so my wonderful mother very kindly sent me a box of clothes so that I wouldn’t wear the same three outfits over and over again. But right after the box got here, it got cold again! I’ve been hiding out in sweats for the past week of rain and fog and I am so ready to go exploring and to not spend so much time in my house but it’s just not fun to be outside when it’s windy and wet. So my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping very hard that the cold part is past. Can you share some of those 75-degree days with us poor freezing North Shore dwellers, Orange County?

Right, that list I was talking about. It’s still a thing, I promise.

Things I am especially thankful for this week:

1. I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER than I was last week. Still fighting a lingering head cold but the non-gym-induced aches are gone and my throat is only sore when I wake up.

2. The massive research paper I’ve been procrastinating on all semester isn’t due today anymore! The due date got pushed back to the day of the final, which is the last day of finals. But I’m still planning on finishing the first draft by the end of the weekend so I have time to edit.

3. I got to have my friend Molly over for dinner last Sunday, and we had a great time catching up and we also made some incredibly delicious cookies.

4. I broke my personal record for fastest consecutive mile times on Monday by, like, a lot. Which is awesome because I’m running a 5k with my friend Shannon tomorrow and she is a beast.

5. Quiet nights at home watching TV, cooking dinner, and talking about life with my apartmentmates. And sweet potato parties. On Sunday night, I made sweet potato chips, Sam made sweet potato corn cakes, and Becca made sweet potato chickpea curry. It was a lot of delicious in one kitchen.

IMG_31406. Did I mention that the sun is out today?

7. I don’t have any deathly reactions to gluten-free grains. Which means I got to make these awesome pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday.

8. Sharing ridiculously adorable pictures of hedgehogs with Katie because we might have one for an apartment mascot next year!

9. The drastic difference between the amount of work I have to do for finals this semester and the amount of work I had to do for finals last spring semester. This semester, I’m staying up late because Sam found Get Smart on TV or because I started another episode of Downton when I should have called it quits. Last spring, I wasn’t sleeping even when I did go to bed because I was so stressed about the multiple research papers and unending study sessions in addition to packing for Swaziland, home for the summer, and Italy in the fall, and finding storage for my various boxes and suitcases for varying amounts of time, and getting to a family friend’s house for the four days between campus closing and leaving for Swaziland. It was rough. I didn’t think I was going to make it for a while. But I must have survived, because I’m here now and I’m quite happily embracing a much lower-key finals season and the end of my last spring semester!

10. The unexpected care package that my grandma and uncle sent me, filled with wonderful things like homegrown oranges and macadamia nuts and my favorite beef jerky. I’d been craving macadamias for a while but they’re just SO DARN EXPENSIVE that I couldn’t justify that purchase, so finding them at the bottom of the box was definitely a joyous moment. I know my family loves me but there’s something about getting a package in the mail that makes it very obvious that they’re thinking about me. 🙂

So there you have it – Friday Favorites Edition 1! And you know something cool? You could join in! Post your Friday Favorites in the comments! And then stay tuned, because this weekend I’m finally going to post the Easter weekend recap I’ve been working on. Promise.


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