it’s a new year and all that

So here’s the thing. I’m back from Italy now, and I’m really not sure anyone would be interested in reading a blog about my stateside life (which, in less than a week, I will probably be able to describe in one succinct word: cold). Plus it’s a new year and that always makes for a good time for changes or new habits or complete overhauls or really whatever you decide it’s a good time for.

I decided it’s a good time to start taking this blog in a new direction. It’s going to be gradual, since I still have Orvieto things to catch up on (I did keep a list of 5 things the whole time I was there, just didn’t post it due to computerlessness. And I still have a million and twenty-seven pictures to sort through, as well as the food journal to put together.) but the plan is to begin making this blog into a recipe blog. Primarily so that I have a credible excuse for baking all the time. But also because sharing tasty creations is fun.

I need to learn how to take pretty pictures and it’ll take a while to find a balance between the “uber-healthy” recipes I like and the not so healthy recipes that tend to taste more appetizing, but I hope you’ll embark on this new chapter of my blog’s life with me and maybe even try a recipe or two!



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