this one time in orvieto

it snowed.
and we made books.
and I worked out in the studio while Amy painted.
and Shannon said she missed eggs and toast so Dr. Howard aka Agnes made us eggs and toast. with rosemary.
we had fascinating discussions at both meals about women and their role in society and the unfair perceptions that have been perpetuated throughout history and how they were excluded from church leadership roles not because Jesus said so but because the Roman Catholics didn’t like the unconventional idea.
Sam started her watercolor log and we made jokes about overly saturated pictures.
I bought train tickets for Venice this weekend.
and drank a lot of tea. because I’m feeling a little gross but I’M NOT SICK NO I’M NOT NO NO NO.
we made cookie dough. but Karen was sick so we couldn’t bake cookies so we ate the cookie dough.
we hotly debated the application and theoretical ramifications of the phrase “look me in the eye.”
Shannon wore gloves on her head for reasons I’m still unsure of.
we only had 3 1/2 weeks left in Italy so we decided to make the most of it which included watching a Roma soccer game in the freezing cold and getting back at 1 am.
tomorrow locanda is making us thanksgiving dinner.
Italy life is great. and pasta-full as ever.


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