november things (can I do that already?)

it’s raining today, and I forgot an umbrella even though i knew I’d probably need one. so I’m waiting out the rain and using my umbrellaless-ness to justify sitting at a cafe for no particular reason. might as well blog, right?
funny thing about this cafe – it’s the most hipster coffeeshop-esque cafe in orvieto, which is probably why it’s all the orvieto participants’ new favorite, but it’s owned by the same people who owned the bar that got shut down just before we arrived due to drug activity. so far this new location seems pretty legitimate though, and they sell the cheapest but still tasty cappuccinos so I think they’ve got a monopoly on the poor student crowd’s business.
anyway, I’d say it’s time for another list, wouldn’t you?
1. the first week of class 3 is over after a field trip to siena to see frescoes in a monastery and a town hall. locanda sack lunches are still awful even when you eat them picnic-style under olive trees by a drawbridge, sad but true.
2. ricciarelli are almond cookies only made in siena and holy cow they are an experience. I think it’s a good experience, but I was so hungry when I tried them that anything probably would have been delicious at that point.
3. it’s amazing how quickly I can compile an application complete with cover letter and writing sample when something big like being able to graduate a semester early is on the line. talk about a kick in the pants.
4. PUMPKIN. I MISS PUMPKIN. we had pumpkin bread on friday night, thanks to the doll family, and it was scrumptious but I can’t decide if it helped soothe the cravings or just made the beast that much more ravenous.
5. um. papermaking. is the coolest thing ever. definitely will be trying that at home.
6. I broke out my boots on friday. and we had salad twice. it was a good day.
7. mimma has a way with eggplant I don’t think I’ll ever understand. it’s an art form, I’m sure of it.
8. fantastic mr. fox is actually pretty darn fantastic. second time’s the charm.
9. there are craft and baked good vendors everywhere this weekend and I just want to bake and knit and I can’t do either, lame.
10. some nights I can’t sleep because I start imagining apartment life next semester and AHHHH I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED.
11. the four of us who opted to write young adult fiction get to start working with the visiting professor this coming week and I am a little terrified but still really glad I’m not writing a 15-page research essay because my computer wouldn’t like that very much.
12. panic is the awfullest but it does really help you appreciate the non-panicky times. same with stress.
13. I still haven’t been given a food photography tutorial but I HAVE been madly saving recipes to experiment with at home/school next semester. so, progress? ha.
14. anybody want to come eat my pasta for me?
15. I’ve been running the hilly path around the outer wall of town for two months now, and if anything it’s getting harder. hmph.
16. a lot of this sounds like complaining. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. ITALY IS GLORIOUS.
17. I hate it when people use all caps but somehow I’m exempt. double standards, what?
18. now I’m just rambling.
19. did I mention how pumpkin-deprived I am? maybe that is a complaint. wish I had known; I would have come prepared with a stash.
20. we played murder games in the convent on friday night to celebrate (that is so not the right word) halloween. you would have thought there were actual murders taking place given the excessive amount of screaming.
21. after next weekend, I will have been to Assisi, the Cinque Terre, Siena, Florence, and Rome in less than a month. NOBODY MAKE ME GO ANYWHERE ELSE TILL DECEMBER. just kidding, trips are great. just exhausting. if you provide good (non-pasta) food, I’ll go anywhere.
22. the food journal is alive and well, in case you wondered.
23. I still haven’t used the mocha to make coffee. must try that soon.
24. anybody want to send me one double-pointed size 6 knitting needle? maybe two just in case. I’ll love you forever…
25. my roommate’s boyfriend is here for a visit and she didn’t know he was coming and massive shock and surprise went down yesterday and somebody has pictures.
26. sweaters and moccasins are life.
27. being able to walk everywhere is my favorite thing ever. did I say that already?
28. autumn literally showed up on november 1. it’s been cloudy and breezy and drizzly and chilly and before it was sunny and warm and uncharacteristically not fallish.
29. we have an italian test on monday. so far it’s been pretty easy to understand the grammar rules because I can use spanish as a framework but I’m going to be so beyond confused when I start taking Spanish classes again next semester.
30. this is my last point and I feel strongly that it should be epic but I really got nothing except that I found some Madeleine L’Engle books and read them and they were wonderful and I wish I had more. oh and the air date for the next season of Sherlock was announced for the states but not for europe but if it’s before this semester is over, come hell or high water I will find a way to watch them. true story.
the end.


One thought on “november things (can I do that already?)

  1. Hello dearest Em. I am sooo loving your blog. =) You’re a talented writer. I love to write so I appreciate your passion, and gift. I’m only sad it took me so long to start reading…I’ve so much to catch up on. I or we (your new uncle and I) pray for you daily. I will continue. You’re in my heart and mind so often. I believe you and I now share a great love of Europe, and a wealth of experiences too rich to sometimes put into words, as does Sarah F., my other wonderful world-traveling niece. Thank you for this gift, of being able to share I your life in this way…it’s an honor and a serious treat. <(:3

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