october things

time is sneaky here. the afternoons stretch out long and lazy but entire days pass in a blink. it was september last i checked. and then it wasn’t anymore. isn’t it funny how that happens?
funnier still how the days blur together in some senses, but stand out vividly in others – at once bound by unifying elements and distinguished by unique occurrences. i went to class four days this week and i drank at least two cups of tea every day and we discussed different texts and edited different poems but any day of class could have been on any day of the week and i don’t remember what we had for lunch on each day (pasta, but that’s a given) but i know that monday i stared at sculptures with morgan and tuesday we had salad for dinner after alexis and thais and stephne and i went to the coop in orvieto scalo and wednesday they tried to watch emperor’s new groove and thursday i had gelato for the first time in two weeks and it had whipped cream on top and it was blissful.
it’s been raining every day since last saturday, which intensifies the smudging. and the sleepiness. naps are quite in vogue in the convent at present.
long weekends still feel a little unbalanced. friday is saturday but then saturday is saturday too and what to do with sunday when church is only half an hour long and in a language i don’t yet have a solid grasp on?
we’re going to assisi next friday and i’m looking forward to a brief excursion. the longer i live in orvieto (almost a month and a half already, how did that happen) the more reluctant i am to leave because i love most everything about being here but that feeling of going and coming back, coming home, is a nice thing to experience now and then. travel is a strange thing. having long weekends is great but even three and a half days isn’t anywhere near long enough to begin to understand a place and it seems almost foolish to even try. there’s value in going places and accumulating experiences, sure, but i don’t want to travel just to check sights and places off my list. maybe that’s just an elaborate excuse to explain my current lack of plans. i will travel. i will. i’m just not in a desperate hurry the way i thought i would be, and that’s just fine.
i miss pumpkin. anyone want to send me a can or thirteen?


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