this friday it’ll be a month since i left for italy. that feels impossible – both in that it can’t have been that long and i can’t have fit so many adventures and new experiences into such a short span of time.

i miss pancakes.

and i missed an opportunity to go to pompeii/capri/the amalfi coast this weekend.

and i’d really love to have full use of my left index finger again.

i’m going to miss studio parties. never thought i’d say that but it’s totally true. it’s a pretty significant bonding experience, spending hours on end in a confined space with paint fumes and mosquitoes and people whose names i hadn’t yet attached to faces a month ago. we’ve all taken turns playing our iPods through the stereo and it’s been quite the trip, from worship to country to hip-hop and back again.

but i also miss doing english major-type things. so i’m looking forward to having class in the library instead of the studio next month.

i miss my devonshire. and my crazy puppy. not equally.

after our epic disney singalong session in the studio today, i miss being able to watch disney movies on netflix.

the list of things i don’t miss is a great deal longer, and that’s a happy thing. this week, even though it already feels like it’s been four hundred times longer than it actually has been and everyone’s dragging through their final projects, has already included a picnic dinner at sunset and a chilly, hilly run at sunrise and several delicious cappuccinos and almost constant worship music and salad night and a lot of laughter and a few tears spilled over a bottle of wine shared among individuals who are fast becoming friends. this weekend, even though i’m not planning to travel far, will likely include a day spent farming and possibly a trip to a lake situated in a volcanic crater and/or a day trip back to rome to just soak in the sunshine that presently falls on the same cobblestones that artist greats like michelangelo and raphael walked on hundreds of years ago.

this whole living in italy for four months thing, it’s pretty spectacular. like the incredible christa johnson said, “it’s real life. beautiful life, but real life.” it hasn’t all been completely sunshine and roses but the darker moments just make the happy ones that much brighter. i’m looking forward to all that has yet to come. and all the gelato i have still to eat.


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