to the readership

say something.

say anything.

just please speak up so I know if you actually exist.

this blogging thing, it’s soul-baring and terrifying. as an english major i express myself primarily in essays and to a limited, known audience. the level of vulnerability that publishing pieces on the internet introduces is a very new, very uncomfortable experience and while it takes a heaping dose of humility to accept criticism of my writing, negative feedback would be worlds better than none. it would justify my efforts and let me know that someone cared enough, or was moved enough, to respond.

enjoyable as it is at times, blogging doesn’t serve me any advantage. i don’t need a domain name to journal and take pictures. but it’s an outlet, a way to share stories from my life as i know it and interact with friends and family from home who aren’t with me in person at present.

only, one-sided heart-to-hearts don’t really benefit anyone.

so please – if you read my posts, respond. tell me you hate my excessive lists, if that’s the case. or that you want to know what other gelato flavors i’ve tried, if you do. let me know what’s new in your life. give me travel suggestions if you feel so inclined. or just say “hi.” whatever feels right. that would be lovely. i might even treat you to a cappuccino.


5 thoughts on “to the readership

  1. I LOVE your lists. I am list-maker, too! Don’t stop sharing them. They are easy to read and I feel like I am understanding (a little bit) what this amazing time in Italy is like. And, I pray for you so very often — it is wonderful to hear what is going on in your life. — Lori Moore

  2. I can so relate to putting your heart out in the blogosphere for all the world to see and feeling it kind of dangling there, echoing your words and no one else’s. That said, I’m enjoying your experiences so much and the glimpses into who you are. And I actually love your lists…so keep em coming 🙂

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