when in rome

so i went to rome for the weekend.

um what.

i’m never going to get used to this. i don’t think i want to.

anyway. we saw lots of things and went lots of places and my head is so full of facts and new ideas to consider that it’ll take weeks to think through it all and come to conclusions. and i need to go to bed so now is not the time for deep thinking.

logical course of action: another list.

bet you didn’t see that coming.

the not-so-art-or-philosophy-related-things-i-learned-in-rome list

1. rome is unlike any other city i’ve been to in that it comes at you in more dimensions than i would have thought possible. it is a five-sense experience, every moment.

2. gelato every night is essential, obviously. giolitti is the greatest gelateria on the planet probably.

3. apparently you can take pictures in st. peter’s basilica. too bad my camera was dead.

4. you can’t use churches as orientation points because there are four on every street and even though they are all very much unique, they do start to look the same after a while.

5. bakers like it when you come back for lunch. they give you free samples and extra cookies.

6. trevi fountain is maybe the most beautiful sculpture i’ve seen in my life. and after last weekend, i’ve seen a lot of sculptures in my life.

7. toms are excellent walking shoes.

8. hanging a nalgene on the strap of a comparatively small bag = collarbone bruises.

9. personal space? no such thing.

10. prof doll makes phenomenal soup. so phenomenal, in fact, that i managed to overlook the obvious presence of butter and go back for seconds.

11. fresh bread will always always always make me ridiculously excited. and i will always always always consume way more than i should in a sitting.

12. if you want to get pizza at lunchtime at the forno in campo di fiori, you have to know what you want and seize any opportunity you get. otherwise, no mushroom pizza for you.

13. short flights of stairs start to look like mountains after three days of traipsing all over rome and that’s a real problem when your apartment’s on the fourth floor and all you want to do is go to bed.

14. the pantheon is magical when it’s raining.

15. it’s funny how many people try to take sneaky pictures of the sistine chapel and get caught because they didn’t turn the flash off.

16. americans aren’t the only obnoxious tourists.

17. live music is better in rome. namely because accordions and acoustic basses.

18. street markets are the colorfullest places ever.

19. there’s an intermediate shade of peach between white and yellow in italy. it’s pale orange and it’s beautiful.

20. trains make my ears pop. it’s weird.

21. pasta has a really terrible rap in the states. but we still eat it even when we don’t have to.

it was a crazy full three and a half days. there’s so much more i could say. or i could let my 500 pictures do the talking for me but there’s no way they would encompass the full scope of rome in all its occasionally questionable glory. thankfully i don’t have to figure everything out after just three days because i threw a coin into trevi over my left shoulder (it was a penny, don’t judge) so that means i’ll get to go back someday. in the meantime i’ll be journaling like mad and asking lots of rhetorical questions about art and life and how on earth they managed to get all those pillars all the way from egypt without modern machinery. actually maybe why is a better question.


4 thoughts on “when in rome

    • I MISS YOU MORE. haha no I don’t think they’re the same. but there should be more of them. only I don’t comment on your posts so that’s not really fair of me. but it’s only because I usually open the page and then save it till the internet’s off so i dont feel rushed. but all my comments would be the same too. your writing is beautiful and evocative and it makes me feel like I’m there in Oxford with you except for the ache that reminds me that we’re not together and it’s minorly tragic.

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