a week in review

{because lists are still my favorite}
1. i have pro-level mosquito-killing skills after a week of slapping myself all over and scratching almost constantly.
2. i get really excited when i kill a mosquito, and then immediately depressed because unlike bees, a single mosquito can account for dozens of bites and though i’m on a mission to do so, i can’t kill them all. sad and very very itchy reality.
3. living in italy has not resulted in an inexplicable development of praiseworthy drawing abilities. yet.
4. i can find no fault with the meals i have been served in their entirety because they are delicious and quite filling, sometimes unexpectedly so. rather, it’s what they lack that frustrates me – namely, leafy green ingredients.
5. gelato, however, does not disappoint.
6. neither do the coffee or the pastries. i might come home an addict. more likely to coffee. but possibly to both.
7. italian is way similar to spanish. i feel like i could almost carry on a conversation already if i were just a little more confident.
8. the duomo blows my mind. every time.
9. the market in piazza del popolo is the place to be on thursday and saturday mornings.
10. i will be at the market tomorrow morning.
11. the accordion is the happiest instrument, hands down.
12. there’s no such thing as bad bread, wine, or cheese in orvieto.
13. i despise the american stereotype.
14. the fruit here is probably the best i’ve ever tasted. even the unripe peaches are better than some ripe ones i’ve had in the states.
15. it’s hard to sleep for a reasonable number of hours each night when there’s so much to do and see and experience.
16. orvietani white wine. enough said.
17. we’re going on a four-day field trip to rome next week. because we can.
18. lists are my life. i have lists of things to do, money i’ve spent, places to go, things to think about, books to read, foods to try, mementos to bring home, words to look up in italian…bordering on excessive really. and possibly obsessive as well. no shame.
19. i also do not have shame about staking out mosquitoes by sitting in the bathroom with the light on while my roommate sleeps. guess what i’m doing while writing this?
20. it’s funny how easily i can think of the spanish words for what i want to say in italian.
21. prof doll has some weirddddd tastes in movies.
22. it’s a good thing i like corn flakes. italians may make incredible lunches and dinners but they are evidently not big on breakfast.
23. i’m slightly more directionally challenged than i thought.
24. stars. and sunsets.
26. i’m quite sure very few things i would potentially do would be surprising to the locals now that i’ve sprinted down the corso multiple times holding a sketchpad larger than my torso under my arm and also prowled the city with giant sheets of paper and a stick of graphite making texture rubbings. (best. homework. ever.)
27. i can start using mouthwash again on sunday. that probably shouldn’t be as exciting as it is.
28. i’m not going to be able to sleep until this mosquito is dead.
29. italian children are adorable but this week the cutest kid award goes to a tiny british girl in a polka-dot dress who asked her mom if she could “please have gelato after” in the most melt-your-heart accent i have ever heard.
30. there are so many more things i could write. every minute of this week has been crammed full of wonder and bliss. this is a good place, at once a singularly tangible and unbelievably magical one. i like it quite a lot. i mean, how could i not, when there are benches that look like cows?


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