this is it, boys

so i just got back from eating gelato (i tried bacio, christa! it was deeeeee-licious. also croccante all’amarena, great stuff) while sitting in front of the duomo under the stars. i’m pretty sure “magical” is the only appropriate word. i don’t ever want to get used to this.

it’s only been two full days and i’m pretty sure i’ve maxed out my lifetime allotment of dreamlike experiences already and i get to live here for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS. i can’t even. nope. just can’t.

tomorrow we start our first-month class, drawing, with the incredible program director who’s been introducing us to our new home over the past three days. his depth of wisdom and insight is astounding and his humor is offbeat and quirky and i am excited for this class if only because he’s teaching. the part where i have to actually draw things in a class full of crazy-talented art majors…yeah, not so crazy-thrilled about that prospect. but hey. i live in italy, a country that’s been renowned for its artists for centuries. maybe i’ll develop a modicum of drawing ability while i sleep tonight.

we’ve seen a lot of sights and gone a lot of places and every minute has been spectacular in its own way but i’m pretty sure all my most favorite moments have involved food. shocking, i know. i don’t have a drop of italian blood in my veins but oh my goodness, the italians are people after my own heart. [or vice versa, rather, because as a people group they existed long before i did.] literally 90% of their conversation revolves around food. and no wonder. everything i’ve put in my mouth since our first dinner at locanda di lupo (oh yeah, by the way, we eat lunch and dinner at a restaurant every day) seven meals ago has been worth exclaiming over and then immortalizing in poetry. and maybe song. italians get food. like, REALLY GET FOOD. i’m glad i started reading jane brody’s good food book before i came here because i was already developing an appreciation for pasta that never really existed for me prior to learning that it actually can be good for you if eaten properly, and then i arrived in the land of proper pasta eaters. i don’t think i understood flavor before. i’m already dreading the inevitable re-assimilation to american food.

i should call it a day about now cuz it’s been a long one and i actually have to be a student again tomorrow. and this is a good place to leave off because hey look, i made it through a whole post without making a list! i’m going to pat myself on the back now.

Italian Gelato Flavors Decoded


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