the inception.

it’s been 30 hours since i slept last. i don’t know how to feel anymore. but i know a few things. i am clinging to them with all i have left to maintain what shreds of sanity i didn’t leave in the airport after arriving in rome with the first group of students 12 hours ago and then waiting for 7 hours in a stuffy cafe.
1. i am here.
2. here is a wonderful place to be.
3. God is good. there is grace for here and now.
4. i need sleep.
5. but first food. and a shower.
6. adventures will ensue pronto.
7. italian has a lot in common with spanish. i might get to talk to people.
8. i need replaceable eyes because mine are going to get tired of being so wide-open every waking minute so as to not miss a detail.
9. this does not feel real.
10. except for the mosquito bites. those feel real.
11. i need sleep.

i won’t post a list next time, i promise. actually i probably shouldn’t promise. scratch that. no guarantees.


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