the plunge, or, how {not} to pack for orvieto

so here i go again, packing, rolling, folding, squeezing, stuffing the material substance engendered and required by life into suitcases so that i can pick up and leave. again.
i think it gets more difficult every time. probably because i tend to accumulate more substance with each cross-country trek rather than shedding it. that or i’m just less motivated and more attention deficient.
at any rate, packing session #1 [preceded by extensive room-searching, list-writing, and pile-making sessions] took a solid six hours and went something like this:

1. go up to attic to find bigger suitcase.
2. realize that smaller suitcase to be traded is still upstairs.
3. retrieve smaller suitcase.
4. remember that mom asked that another suitcase be returned to attic.
5. go back upstairs for other suitcase.
6. go back to attic for bigger suitcase. find out it’s not bigger than original suitcase.
7. sit on floor staring at both suitcases for several minutes before deciding that now is probably a good time for lunch.
8. while making lunch, think about italian cafes and cappuccinos.
9. decide to make biscotti.
10. go upstairs to find phone to look up recipe.
11. inexplicably end up on computer clearing files off usb drives.
12. find lord of the rings soundtrack. do a happy dance and immediately import into iTunes.
13. listen to soundtrack and watch movie mentally.
14. think about breakfast and second breakfast…and oh yeah, biscotti.
15. realize suitcase is still downstairs.

and on it went. for quite some time. but in the end my bags got packed and unpacked and repacked and added to and rearranged and weighed and finally loaded into the back of the car rather unceremoniously because it was 4:00 am, my library books got returned, the biscotti got baked, and i got in bed before midnight for a solid 4 hours of sleep.
and now i am on a plane speeding toward jfk at roughly 500 miles per hour eating oatmeal and hoping i don’t get sick from the caffeinated coffee i drank because i need to be awake now so i can sleep later, and by later i mean when it’s 11 pm italy time and only 2 pm california time. let the adventures begin!


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