oh hi.

great, you found my blog. it’s not much to look at yet, i know. so what now? i don’t really know the answer to that question either. stick a figurative pin in it and check back in a bit, maybe? i mean i suppose you could stick a literal pin in it too but your computer screen probably wouldn’t be too happy about that. and my blog is pretty shy and sensitive enough as it is. so on second thought, involving actual pins probably isn’t ideal.

anyway. since having a blog while you’re abroad seems to be in vogue, i’m jumping on the bandwagon (although i’ve actually been on the blogging bandwagon for years – it’s a well-kept secret, i know), which i’m sure you’ve already realized since you’re, well, here. this’ll be the place where i’ll post ramblings about my italian adventures and hopefully some pictures and other fun stuff as well. someday i might even write about the month i spent in swaziland after finishing my sophomore year at gordon (i’m hoping that saying i might do that will give me more incentive to actually do it. we’ll see if it works).

thanks for stopping by – come again soon! one day there might be something here that’ll be worth your while, something you can sink into with a mug of tea or a steamy cappuccino in hand. something that might inspire you or interest you enough to provoke a response. hey, a girl can dream, right?


2 thoughts on “oh hi.

  1. Well, now that I know you have a blog, I will πŸ™‚ However, it will take me some time to catch up. I like the picture of the mocha? with the smiley face. Only problem I see so far is that I’m starting to get hungry looking at all the pictures of the food. Looks tasty. Neat pictures. Hope your finger is better.

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